Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday, Right? Just Checking

The heart doctor stuff has biffed my whole week up in terms of good mojo. Everything's a little off. For instance, you know it's going to be a weird day when you read an interview with Newt Gingrich and pretty much agree with every word he says. He's right...the way we run a Presidential election in 2007 is slap out of hand. I do think that it's largely because this is such a unique cycle, though. No incumbent, no sitting Vice-President's about as up-for-grabs as you can get. With a sitting President more than likely up for re-election, there's no way it gets this nuts in 2012.

Well, it's only a decade too late...but we're finally getting a Van Halen reunion tour with David Lee Roth. Let the jokes start ("Sittin' With The Devil"..."And The Walker Will Rock...") but if the tickets are at all affordable, I'd like to be there. Still, though...remember Beavis and Butthead trashing one of Dave's videos and his rapidly receding hair line with, "Uhhhh....I didn't know David Lee Roth's dad was in a band"? Dude, even that was fifteen years ago. At least I'll have my nitro pills handy if Diamond Dave or Eddie need one.

The PGA Championship tees off today. I shall venture way out on that limb and pick this guy to win.

Get ready, Oconee County...more white refugees are a-comin'! Me, I was lucky enough to escape Gwinnett County under the cover of darkness a little over fifteen years ago (not that the rising minority population had anything to do with it, I assure you). I've never looked back, broseph. In fact, let me get all Jim Whitehead on you good people and suggest that, except for Buford's football team, somebody probably ought to bomb the place.

Finally, this shaggin' wagon has been seen parked
outside of the Sean Hannity White Guy Woodstock
'07...errr...Freedom Concerts. Pimping out the name
of your old TV show in a slogan, Fred? Tacky.
[Fredbus pic courtesy of the Dirtbag's Delight blog]

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