Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Premature Conflagration

This buzzkilling dude to the left [pic courtesy of AP], (who by the way, due to his face-painting color scheme, looks like he could've been plucked out of the student section at a Georgia football game), went and torched Burning Man early. Bummer. I guess now there won't be anything left to do but lay around naked in the dirt, flail awkwardly to bad music, and smoke dope. Kinda biffs up the whole itinerary, doesn't it? It makes our decision not to go, which was actually made for us last year when some overzealous "burners" smoked our tent made of hemp, look like a winner. We'll just take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese instead. There's plenty of stuff to set on fire there, too.

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of being given a guided tour of the new Coliseum Practice Facility on campus at UGA by the Hall-of-Famer himself, Coach Andy Landers. Jaw-dropping. State of the art. Giant plasma screens everywhere you look. Interactive multimedia displays. Practice facilities so gorgeous that you wish they'd move the games themselves there. I know the football people aren't going to like this assessment, but this joint blows Butts-Mehre straight out of the water. And it's going to be a lethal recruiting weapon. The private dedication is this weekend but whenever they have an open house...get there.

Romney distances himself from Craig. Yeah. One stall over, at the very least. And no foot-tapping!

The last two winners of the Indy 500 may be jumping to NASCAR and the Champ Car World Series season finale gets cancelled due to...well...basically, a lack of interest. Dire, dire times for fans of American open-wheel racing.

In a related story, I do not predict success for Jacques Villeneuve in NASCAR. This guy's no Juan Pablo Montoya, Tony Stewart, or even a Kyle Busch...drivers whose ability to bullmoose a car to the front of the pack makes putting up with their prickly personalities worthwhile. Maybe a couple of years out of racing has changed JV's outlook...who knows?...but he has always been a bit of a diva and if he doesn't have competitive equipment (and, right now, no Bill Davis Racing guys are within sniffing distance of making the Chase), he lets the world know about it. Like I said, maybe he's changed. Maybe Montoya will clue him in about how different the culture is in NASCAR. I hope so because a still-young former F1 World Champion and Indy 500 winner like JV needs to be out there competing somewhere.

Finally, I found this pic by accident. It's a friend of mine from UGA.
His name is Brock Schnute (on the left, with the headset) and he's an Air Force pilot. I was Googling his name in hopes of getting in touch with him and found this pic on the Charleston Air Force Base website. Stay safe,'re doing the old Ramsey Center Posse proud.

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