Monday, August 27, 2007

Lost Weekend

Here's my tale of woe: I accidentally skipped my heart meds on Saturday. Big, big mistake. As I recover from my heart attack, I'm taking ten pills a day. It was my morning dose of six that I let slip. My blood pressure/cholesterol meds and my beta blockers. As a result, I was pretty much useless this weekend. Didn't sleep a wink Saturday night, freezing from the chills I get when my blood pressure's all screwy. I spent Sunday listless, groggy, and sleep-deprived. Only this morning do I feel like I'm getting somewhat back on track. And that wasn't even the big event from this weekend.

Gabe fell out of his high chair on Saturday and smacked his head and shoulder on the floor...hard. Not that my condition had anything to do with it, mind you. I wasn't even in the room. It was nobody's "fault." He's just at a very active age right now (14 months)...he started walking last week and he simply doesn't like to be anywhere he doesn't want to be. Anyway, he somehow wriggled out of his restraints and tried to escape...taking a header in the process. Luckily, two trips to the emergency room later, it turns out that nothing was broken and he's pretty much fine (though he's still favoring an apparently stiff shoulder). We staggered out Sunday and bought him a new high chair with a five-point restraint system that he'll need to be a little Houdini to get out of. Still, it was easily the biggest scare we've ever had with either one of the kids. Yikes.

So, here's to a good week...

How about those kids from Warner Robins, huh? I don't know if they've changed the rules or the selection process at the Little League World Series but this is a far cry from when I was a kid and had to endure Taiwan waxing the United States double-digits to nothing seemingly every season. And if you could hold it together when the Georgia kids were hugging it out with the sobbing, distraught Japanese kids...well, good on you. I sure couldn't.
Not a bad weekend for the Quick Predictions. I got the winners right for Formula One, IRL, and Champ Cars while pegging three of the four class winners in the ALMS race. Speaking of the IRL race, the way Michael Andretti threw his own championship contender and all-around good guy Dario Franchitti under the bus for a wreck his own kid caused was just ridiculous.

I may have a little more for you guys this afternoon. Just wanted to check in. [Edited later to add: Or maybe not...catch you tomorrow.] Until then...Aloha.


Anonymous said...

Hate to hear about your troubles, Mike. Set up an "E" minder (just made that term up) and have it mailed to you from your Yahoo calendar. It works for me.

Mike-El said...

Thanks for the advice, but it's never gonna happen again. That was the weirdest part...that it was so out of character for me. I'm the guy everybody asks to remind them about stuff because I never forget anything. Saturday was just a perfect storm of mayhem and distraction.